June 6, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Stick Customer Service


Everything you need to know before buying an Amazon Fire Stick support

If you have recently bought an Amazon Fire Stick (Amazon Fire TV Stick Customer Service) or are thinking about it, you have come to the right place. Because in all likelihood, once the Fire Stick comes home, you are going to spend a lot of time on the internet asking questions like how to set up firestick, how to use fire stick, how to program a firestick etc. Amazon Fire TV Stick support service provide you well developed remotely satisfaction instantly.

In a comprehensive educational piece, we are going to tell you everything there is to know about owning an Amazon Fire TV Stick (more commonly called Fire Stick or Firestick). So, you would have already mastered the device when it comes home to you.

How to setup Amazon Fire Stick – Amazon Fire TV Stick Customer Service

When the product comes to you, the first thing you are going to ask yourself and later on the internet is how to hook up Firestick? Now, you may wonder how to install amazon fire stick, but in practice is rather easy as the device shows on screen instructions for setup. Here is what you need to do.

Connect device– The first thing you need to do is plug your device into the power adapter and connect the HDMI cord to the TV and Fire Stick.

Select input channel– Turn on your TV and select the HDMI input channel you used to connect the Fire Stick. When you open the channel, a loading screen would appear.

Setup remote– Insert batteries into the Fire Stick remote and pair your remote with the Fire Stick device. Although the remote connects automatically, if it doesn’t you can manually connect it. Press and hold home button to send it into discover mode.

Connect internet– Select connect your Fire Stick to the internet and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Register Device– After connecting to the internet successfully, you will be directed to register your device. Follow the on screen instruction and you can get started with your Amazon Fire TV Stick device

How to Turn on/off Fire Stick

Once you have setup your Amazon Fire Stick, you would be asking how to turn on Firestick and how to turn off Fire Stick. While this may seem like a silly question, it is understandable given there is no power button on the Fire Stick remote.

As for how to turn on Amazon Fire Stick, you can press any button to wake up the device as long as it is connected to the power cord. The device is not turned off, you can just send the device to sleep and wake up anytime you want to watch. Simply press and hold power button for at least 3 seconds and select sleep. Your device will go to sleep.

How to use Amazon fire stick

Once you setup your Amazon Fire Stick, you can turn on your device by pressing any button on your Firestick remote to turn it on and enjoy the content on various applications. After a quick welcome video, you can get started with your device.

Although, we must tell you that you need to install various applications to enjoy different content. You can download and install applications like browser, YouTube and Netflix etc.

Common issues with Amazon Fire TV Stick

Now that you have setup your Fire Stick device and are enjoying the content, there is nothing to do. That is, until your device stops working properly. While, the device is one of the best media streaming devices available, you cannot expect a digital device not to have technical glitches and issues.

Once that happens, you will be back on the internet surfing through online forums looking for fixes. Is your Amazon Fire Stick not working? If the Fire Stick won’t turn on or the Fire Stick not working, you can try Amazon Fire Stick troubleshooting methods to fix it.

Firestick troubleshooting is really easy, here are some of the most common Amazon Fire TV Stick problems and their fixes or you can also choose Amazon Fire TV Stick Customer Service.

How to Update Amazon Fire Stick

This is one of the most common problem you will be facing with Amazon Fire Stick. Amazon releases new software updates to their device every now and then. To enjoy uninterrupted content, you need to update your software regularly.

To update your Software,

  • Open Fire Menu
  • Go to Settings > Device > About
  • Select Check for System Update

If there is a software update available, it will automatically start downloading. Simply select Install System Update to install the updates immediately after the download finishes up

How to restart Amazon Fire Stick

If you are having problems with your Fire Stick, restarting the device is one of the most common solutions to these problems. To restart your Amazon Fire Stick, you need to press and hold the Select and Play/Pause button together for at least 5 seconds or go to Settings > Device > Restart from TV menu.

How to reset Amazon Fire Stick

If you are unable to resolve your Amazon Fire Stick problems any other way, there is a sure shot way to resolve all your problems. You can reset your Amazon Fire Stick device. Although, it should be used as a last resort because it will wipe out all of the data from your device and you will have to setup your device again.

To reset your device, you need to hold down the back button and the right button on your Fire Stick remote for at least 10 seconds. The reset screen will pop up and the process will initiate.

If you want to reset from setting, all you need to do is, Go to Settings > System > Reset to Factory Defaults. Enter your PIN code and select Reset. The device reset will initiate.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote not working

If your Firestick remote won’t work, there are a pool of possibilities. Maybe the remote is out of juice or broken. Try changing the batteries. In case of a battery leakage, clean the battery compartment before putting in the new batteries.

Still Amazon Fire Stick remote not working? There is a possibility that your Amazon Fire remote not working is because it is broken. You need to buy another to replace the Firestick remote not working. Until then, you can use the Amazon android application to access your Fire Stick.

Support for Amazon Fire Stick

When all fails and you cannot fix the issues with your device, you need to contact amazon fire tv stick customer services. The Amazon Fire Stick support will address your queries and instruct you how to fix the problem or your future course of action.

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